About Us

Kaspi Creative's vision is to create photos and videos that positively influence our global community.

Building on our network of meaningful relationships in our community is our primary strategy. We believe that it is from our connections with great people that we are able to accomplish our vision. If we leverage the creative energy of each individual's unique perspective and the synergy of each person's unique talents the results will be truly prodigious.

Founded in 2008 our portfolio, FatCamera, has grown to over 90,000 assets. We have become a global leader in the stock photo and video production industry. Our content can be licensed through iStock and Getty Images'.

Our core team currently consists of eight creative individuals driven with a passion for making pictures and videos.

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As our portfolio continues to grow in size and value we continue our search for smart creative people to connect and collaborate with.

We are deeply passionate about:

  • Using photography and video to share our creative ideas,
  • Creating pictures and videos that we are proud of,
  • Meeting people and bringing out their best side at photo shoots,
  • Finding the content we've created in projects around the world,
  • Working in a creative environment as part of a team we are proud of.

Our main objectives:

  • Create a fun, challenging, and fulfilling workplace culture of high achievers who are principle centred and driven by effective habits.
  • Hire and retain humble, hungry, and smart people who positively influence the people around them.
  • Work together to discover and build on each individual's talents and creativity.